5 Essential Requirements of a Focus Group Facility

Your market research project may need you to hold focus groups with your respondents. You need a facility that addresses your specific needs. Importantly, don’t leave it until the last minute. You will find many focus group facilities, and it’s easy to make a hasty decision if you’re pressed for time.

Here are five factors to help you evaluate your facility:

1. Technology 

Ensure that your chosen facility has access to modern technology to ensure a smooth user experience. You’ll find that most facilities offer basic complimentary equipment. These include Wi-Fi, large screen monitors, and video/audio recording equipment. 

Ensure you have an email link for quick access to your recordings. You have an advantage if the facility offers laptops for rental or has a videographer on-site to provide live streaming. You will need to think about appropriate technology for your study to ease the process. Carry out thorough research to ascertain that the facility meets each of your requirements. 

2. Preferred Setups

Each study needs its own unique setup. Ask yourself what home comforts the group will require. Do you need access to a kitchen, perhaps if your course involves food or drink sampling? Some studies require a theatre type of setup. Others need a conference room, a boardroom, or even overnight accommodation. You must ensure that your facility has the capacity to cater to the needs of your focus group.

3. Language Moderation

Sometimes a focus group is not just limited to English native speakers. You need to consider a facility that offers moderation in a variety of languages. You may require a facility that offers moderators for languages such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, or even Arabic. These are some of the top spoken languages worldwide. It is also important that the moderators can engage with respondents for increased participation.

4. Miscellaneous Services

Due to competition, focus group facilities can offer additional perks. But they may differ from one establishment to another as there are no industry standards. When you’re looking for a facility, search for those that offer to recruit the ideal respondents. Some will offer attractive incentives for your participants. These can include live streaming, transcription services, catering, pre-screening, and even note-taking. Even better, you can find facilities that offer all of these additional resources in one tidy package.

5. Venue

Whether you request your respondents to participate in a daytime focus group or evening session, be considerate. Make their experience as practical and easy as possible. Ensure the venue has easy access to transport links. Reduce any obstacles or discomforts for your focus group. Choose a location with easy access to the venue.

Each of the above factors is crucial. However, one thing you need to look out for is an experienced host. They should have facilities for many groups and for different needs in market research. You should be assured of a good experience from start to finish, and they may offer you helpful tips. An experienced host brings enrichment to your market research project.