Home use testing is nothing new in the product research realm. However, it’s now coming into an era with advanced algorithms, endless testing possibilities, and quick turnarounds. Here are home-use testing facts that will make you understand this concept from an entirely new perspective.

1. You won’t sacrifice ‘control’

Reputable marketing research companies like Product Insights will work with you to align your market research goals with the home use testing process. That means a research expert will help you create timelines, and directions for product use, personalize the data collection process, and more. Indeed, you will have an expert leading the way and responding to all questions and concerns you may have regarding the testing process. The best part? You and your brand will be in charge of the entire process.

2. Get valuable feedback

Did you know that positive and negative feedback is valuable during home use tests? Generally, constructive feedback fuels innovation that can help consumers get what they want – specific products they will value and enjoy. Product testing is no longer confined to in-person testing with a limited sample size. You can engage with your consumers directly in a fun and more productive way.

Home use tests allow your products to be tested in a natural and organic environment. Instead of having consumers sit in sterile, uncomfortable product testing facilities, tests can now be done at the consumer’s home. This can lead to accurate and more reliable feedback.

3. Endless product testing possibilities

You have options. If you are considering home use tests, all situations can be as unique as you desire. For instance, you can opt for a blind side by the side of your product, the product itself, or your product with another similar product.

Remember, choosing the right market research company allows you to plan home use product testing carefully to achieve your research goals. Such companies work with different categories, including food and beverage, office supplies, beauty and skin care, pet care, wines, and more.

4. Custom testing timeline

Home use product testing literally places the testing period in your hands. That means testing results won’t go beyond your specified timeframe. A good market research company will help you plan the entire home use testing process to ensure a quick turnaround time. Fast-paced innovation is crucial today, and working with an experienced market researcher can ensure timely data collection, answers, and feedback.

5. You can target specific consumers

Partnering with a reputable market research company gives you access to real, awesome consumers who care about seeing products succeed. Also, you have the chance to decide on the specific consumers to send your products based on geographical factors, demographics, and other relevant factors. Suppose you want to test your products among consumers who truly care about sustainability, in a specific region or within a certain age group. In that case, a good market research company can make that possible.

Do you still have questions about home use product testing? If so, contact us today and we would be happy to help.