Product Insights recently attended the Southern Women’s Show at the Orlando Convention Center!

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Why do we attend trade shows such as these?

At Product Insights, we seek out and partner with premier organizations to ensure that we keep up to date on the important issues, trends, programs, tools, and resources in the industry. Exhibiting at conferences such as these allows us to not only expand our professional network, but to learn from one another, as networking with professionals outside our company gives us a broader perspective of the marketplace. Our affiliation with professional organizations ensures that we are up to date on the best practices in market research and product development.

Additionally, we use shows like these to increase our database of consumers to call on for market research projects. We love to think “outside the box” and present ourselves and our company to people who may never have considered sharing their time and opinions for the sake of product development. We find that these types of consumers offer a more realistic insight into what consumers are thinking today. These aren’t “professional panelists” who answer just to get on a panel. They are regular, everyday men and women who, once they realize that we care about their thoughts and opinions, are interested in participating and lending thoughtful, honest responses to our research questions.

Finding the Right PeopleAt Product Insights we carefully monitor how often a panelist participates in market research projects. We want to ensure that the right respondents are in your research, and we go to great lengths to recruit with integrity and professionalism.

In fact, we are so well known for our excellent recruiting, that we are often sought out to recruit low incidence studies. Whatever the project, we handle your recruit the way we would want our own recruiting handled.

Every year, as we make our selections of which trade shows and conferences to attend, we consider what will be most beneficial for our clients and our consumers. It’s important for us to step outside of our offices and discover what’s new in the industry.  We return refreshed and ready to implement exciting new techniques!