Market Research Studies

Market Research Studies Market research studies are a system of objective data collection and analysis. It involves analyzing data about your target market, environment, and competition to increase your understanding of them.  Market research studies help businesses,...

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Market Research Solutions

Market Research Solutions  Most people dismiss the importance of market research. When you plan to start a business or launch a new product in the market, research might be the last thing on your mind. Most people would rather start selling products and services right...

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What are Market Research Groups?

A research group or focus group is simply a group of deliberately chosen individuals who participate in facilitated discussions to acquire relevant information about consumer perceptions regarding a specific area or topic of interest. Market research groups are...

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Features of Great Focus Group Facilities

A focus group is a marketing research technique that involves the recruitment of individuals that participate in a planned discussion. The objective of the discussion is to better understand consumer opinions in a controlled environment. There are several steps that...

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What is Focus Group Research?

Focus group research is one of the most popular and effective market research methods available. It is used to gather qualitative data as well as in-depth insights. Focus groups can be used to help collect information on anything from customers’ reaction to a new...

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Standardization: The Good and the Bad

Standardization. In theory, it’s a good idea as it relates to consumer research.  It certainly helps with efficiency (we’ll talk about that one another time ?).  Researchers are happy when they can compare the results of several studies because things are done the...

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