Product Insights

Consumer Research

Consumer research is a critical component of market research that involves defining customers by their preferences, motivation, and buying behavior. It helps businesses and organizations understand customer psychology to enable them to create detailed purchasing...

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What Are Mock Juries?

A mock jury is a discussion-group type of research that is commonly used by lawyers to evaluate the potential reactions of “jurors” to arguments and evidence before a case goes to trial. The jurors should be a representative of the type of jurors likely to be picked...

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Companies That Design Surveys

Companies create different types of surveys for various reasons. In most cases, they want to gauge customer reaction to a new product or determine the success of a marketing campaign. Different types of templates and tools can help in survey design, but the mode of...

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Product Testing

Contrary to popular belief, product testing is not just key at the conceptual stages of product development. It remains fundamental throughout the lifecycle, continuing to provide valuable insight. The research methodology shows how customers are likely to react to...

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Conducting Surveys

Surveys are sometimes underrated, but they are essential techniques in finding the answers to specific crucial questions about businesses. The questions can be on various topics, so long as their format and flow have the perfect design that does not interfere with...

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Market Research Surveys

You must understand the choices and preferences of your target market for your products to be well accepted by consumers. This explains why market research surveys are so important to organizations seeking to make informed decisions. A market research survey helps you...

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