Product Insights

Market Research at The Villages

The success of market research depends on the expertise of the researchers, the study environment, and the participants. You need the best respondents within your location to ascertain whether your products and services can launch successfully. If you are conducting...

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Consumer Research

Consumer research is a critical component of market research that involves defining customers by their preferences, motivation, and buying behavior. It helps businesses and organizations understand customer psychology to enable them to create detailed purchasing...

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What Are Mock Juries?

A mock jury is a discussion-group type of research that is commonly used by lawyers to evaluate the potential reactions of “jurors” to arguments and evidence before a case goes to trial. The jurors should be a representative of the type of jurors likely to be picked...

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Companies That Design Surveys

Companies create different types of surveys for various reasons. In most cases, they want to gauge customer reaction to a new product or determine the success of a marketing campaign. Different types of templates and tools can help in survey design, but the mode of...

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