Market Research Case Studies

Designing Your Winning Project

Product research experience makes us different. With a background in upstream product development, Product Insights can assist you with any phase of the design and execution of your research. Our company was started by an upstream product developer who has acquired more than 20 patents over the course of her career. We realize how important your research is. We strive to provide the most actionable research for your project in order to best enable you to meet your company’s future challenges and opportunities.

  • We’ll help you determine the best place to start, and we’ll help you design the best plan for taking that first step.
  • We can help you determine who your target consumer is, and our innovative recruiting methods will deliver competent and qualified respondents.
  • Our experienced staff has the ability to execute your research with excellence.
  • We’ve developed the art of looking at data and sorting through research findings to best interpret results and suggest next steps to increase your product’s marketability.

Long-haul panelist engagement! 

Recruiting is half the battle. The other half is keeping your panel engaged during the entire research process, regardless of how long it is. That’s where we come in! The research partner you select will be the group interacting with your panel during the study. Product Insights specializes in keeping your panel engaged and happy to participate. You see, we understand that it’s all about relationships. In this virtual world, nothing compares to when people feel like they matter.

And we can prove it! Check out some of our panelist engagement rates!

The following are just 3 examples of our many successes in helping companies with their product development challenges:

Barilla’s Pasta Plus – K.J. Dagher, retired Vice President of Product Development for Barilla America The Pasta Plus project was initiated to satisfy US consumer needs for a pasta product with balanced nutrition. Almost two thirds of the pasta volume in the US is consumed by families with small kids (it is cheap, easy to prepare and the kids love it).  However, small kids prefer to eat their pasta without any vegetables or meat. They want as little as possible on the pasta, preferably just a little butter or cheese. Mothers feel guilty about frequently feeding their kids a lot of carbohydrates without any vegetables or a good source of protein. Pasta Plus had to deliver well balanced nutrition that is credible to mothers, acceptable to the child while maintaining the quality image of Barilla. We partnered with Product Insights to help guide us through the development process and find the right balance between nutrition, taste and visual signals that make the product credible in the eyes of mothers. Product Insights was the right partner because of their product development expertise that is difficult to find in a research agency. Developing a new product from scratch requires more that just positioning concepts which are typically what research agencies focus on. Product Insights helped us identify lentils, chickpeas, powdered egg whites and flax seed as the best ingredients to achieve our nutritional objectives. These ingredients were perceived to be nutritious and part of the healthy Mediterranean diet which fits well with Barilla’s image. We also had to find the right balance for several new variables. For example, we evaluated a range of 10 colors to find a shade of pasta that is not too dark for the kids but dark enough for the mothers to find it credible.

“Oh, my aching back!” A large manufacturer of consumer goods wanted assistance in the development of a safe, portable, and long-lasting means of heat therapy for common aches and pains. The team at Product Insights developed prototypes to test the shape, size, and fit o a portable device that would safely and efficiently deliver long lasting relief to various parts of the body. Focus groups and one-on-one interviews were conducted to design a one-size-fits-all model. The final prototype was an easy-to-use, low-level continuous heat therapy in an odorless application. Based on the early testing in Orlando, this product went into production and became a market leader in neck and back care thermo technology.

“Dear Diary” A Fortune 500 company required assistance with a complicated ninety day research project. Product Insights was responsible for the implementation of over 100 online surveys (diaries) while tracking dozens of respondents over 3 months of a home usage test. Questionnaire design, programming, and launching were conducted from our offices in Orlando. Daily survey links, tracking, data downloads, client exports, and follow-up systems were all developed and managed by the Product Insights team. Online chat groups were conducted by Product Insights throughout the course of the study, allowing the client the capability to log on, observe, and even participate in the groups. These chats as well as data exports provided bi-weekly direction of particular consumer groups, allowing both the client and Product Insights to adjust their testing methods while the study was in the field, thereby saving both time and money. Analysis options available to the client helped them sort through the thousands of pieces of data compiled over the course of the study. The resulting completion rate was 100% for the three month period.