shutterstock_313506977Many clients come to us with a rough understanding of who their target consumer is. Oftentimes, we are tasked with finding respondents who meet set criteria, such as earning within a certain range of income, having obtained a level of education, etc. For companies who have not had the benefit of running research on their consumers themselves, the target consumer may be a little more difficult to define.

How can Product Insights help?

shutterstock_173563589We have helped many companies, large and small, help better define who their “Who” is.  We employ many different techniques to help us gather information on the background of the consumers most likely to utilize your products. We’ve done this through internet surveys, habits and practices studies, in-home ethnographies, shop-a-longs and more.

Each type of research affords us a glimpse into the consumer’s life. “Real Life, Real People” is our motto. A visit to a consumer’s home will provide a glimpse into their reality – are they talking the talk and walking the walk? We’ve even asked consumers to snap and upload photos of their pantries, under their bathroom sinks as well as of certain brands that they currently have in their home so that we can confirm and better round out the profile on that particular individual.

Let us assist you with your next recruit!

shutterstock_384774469We’ve been on your end of the research and understand how important it is to have the right consumer in your groups. To that end, we won’t ever just “fill a seat” for your project. We employ many methods that allow us to recruit in unconventional ways to find the right people for your research. We call it our “artisan approach to recruiting”. Because of our problem solving skills, we’ve been awarded and have successfully recruited many difficult, low incidence recruits. We love the challenge!

Please contact us today to discuss how we might be able to assist you.