Focus Group Facility in Orlando, Florida

Our comfortable focus group facility is located in a lovely suburban neighborhood in Longwood, Florida – just north of Orlando. The location was designed to put participants at ease with its family-friendly atmosphere. And we aim to make our clients comfortable during their stay with us – we know what it’s like to be away from home and want you think of us as your “home away from home”.

The large focus group room can comfortably accommodate 12 respondents in a conference-style setup, or even more if arranged in classroom-style seating. With our versatile table system, we can easily configure the tables in various layouts to suit the specific requirements of your study. Alternatively, we can furnish the room with cozy chairs and end tables to create a warm and inviting atmosphere resembling a comfortable family room. The adjacent viewing room has been thoughtfully designed to cater to our clients’ needs, providing comfortable seating for 12-14 individuals.

The medium-sized focus group room is ideal for conversations with a panel of 6-8 participants. Additionally, the adjoining back room provides a comfortable space for 4-6 clients to observe and participate in the discussions.

The smallest focus group set is perfect for one-on-one interviews and can be used as storing or staging rooms if needed.

Our flex-space consists of a large, non-viewable room perfect for ideation sessions among client teams or respondents. This space is adjacent to a kitchen making it a perfect place for taste tests.

Our spaces are flexible, and we can accommodate a wide variety of research studies including mock juries, taste tests, usability labs and traditional focus groups.

We are conveniently located 24 miles from Orlando International Airport and 15 miles from Sanford International Airport.

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Floorplan of our Orlando facilities