A focus group is a marketing research technique that involves the recruitment of individuals that participate in a planned discussion. The objective of the discussion is to better understand consumer opinions in a controlled environment. There are several steps that are involved before a focus group can be held. The steps range from screening guides and recruiting for focus groups to facility selection. 

It is recommended to take advantage of focus group facilities. These are facilities that take care of everything so that you can only focus on the findings and not putting everything together. Not every focus group facility is the same. When searching for a facility, you need to focus on the following.

Facility Location

A convenient location is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations you should make when searching for focus group facilities. If participants have to travel great distances to participate, you can be certain that most of them will not show up. You need to make the participation of individuals in your focus group hassle-free. The best facility is one that is easy to find and access through various transportation methods. Such a location will remove barriers to participation as well as ensure a positive experience for the guests.   

Focus Group Room Capacity

How big will your focus group be? The answer to this will help decide on the ideal capacity of a focus group room. Most focus group rooms can accommodate between 10 and 12 respondents comfortably. The focus group room can use a flexible table system or a classroom style. The table system permits several table configurations to meet the needs of the study best. 

The focus group room must also have an associated viewing room that caters to the needs of clients. A large viewing room can seat up to 14. 

If you need a small focus group, your selected focus group facilities should be able to accommodate your needs. A smaller focus group is perfect for an intimate atmosphere. It can have 6 to 8 panelists and up to 6 clients. 

Setup Options 

Qualitative studies require different setups and amenities. You should, therefore, select a facility that caters to your needs. For example, if you require kitchen facilities for taste testing, you should select a facility that has a kitchen. Knowing the setup options of a facility in advance is something you must do before selecting a facility.

Available Technology 

Lastly, you need to focus on the technologies that the facility offers. If you will require to audio or video record your focus group, you need a facility that offers that option. Some facilities will offer complimentary access to recording equipment, but you may be charged extra for one-way viewing, laptop rentals, or live streaming. 

The key to finding the focus group facilities that are perfect for you is to identify your requirements. That way, you will be able to focus on the facilities that can meet your needs. It is also good to get a detailed quote for all the services that you will need. 

If you are looking for focus group facilities, contact us today and we would be happy to go through what our facilities have to offer.