Focus Group Product Testing

One of the best ways to conduct research and get detailed data from numerous people is using focus groups. Focus groups combine the descriptive experiences of a group of people who are chosen by researchers to take part in a group interview. A lot of the data collected during this research will be based on the interaction between different people within the group. Though different organizations approach Product Insights with varying goals for conducting focus group product testing, the main goal is to gather information on a given product by trying to explore consensus. 

When is focus group product testing recommended?

First and foremost, you may want to test a product, and the most feasible way to do it is to collect different opinions all at once. In this case, we recommend focus group testing. Imagine sending out a survey to hundreds or even thousands of respondents only to get a few of them completed on time. You usually have to wait weeks, sometimes longer, to collect enough responses. Focus groups allow you to find the information you need instantly. At Product Insights, we choose groups of 10 to 20 people within your target demographic and collect instant feedback from them.

Gain valuable and actionable insights through exploratory research

Product Insights recommends focus groups in those instances where the organization is looking to explore more about their product or service. Since this type of research is exploratory in nature, it allows businesses to discover more about what and why their consumers are making certain decisions or prefer certain features. The goal of the focus group product testing is not to immediately identify the next step or come into an agreement on what to do with the product; it should be to uncover the feelings and perceptions about a particular topic or product and get to make better judgments on branding and marketing going forward.

Focus group product testing enhances in-person interaction

It’s really important to get feedback from your customers through in-person interviews. While virtual interviews are feasible, especially when the subjects are not within your geographical area, there’s a lot of feedback that you may not get online. When you need an honest evaluation of your product, an in-person interview that allows people to see, touch, smell, and use it is the best way to get a full reaction. We’ve seen organizations conducting focus group product testing when they want to enhance or change their product by basing their decisions on actual user experience.

Include focus group testing in the product development process

Researching about your product, whether new or existing, doesn’t have to be a one-and-done process. You need to identify steps that you can take to continually get feedback from your consumers to keep improving your product. Focus group product testing allows you to reduce the gap between what your internal team thinks is best and what the customers actually feel and think. Planning multiple focus groups as you develop and improve your product is a great way to obtain immediate feedback that will enhance your success. 

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