Focus Group Research Orlando 

As a business owner, you can only target or service your audience by gathering information about their specific needs, wants, and fears. An effective way of obtaining this information is by going directly to the audience and finding out what they think. A focus group research comes in handy, helping companies to conduct meaningful marketing. At Products Insights, we are more than a marketing research agency. We will identify participants from your target market, bring them together, and lead them through discussions of important brand and company topics. 

An Open and Complete Perspective

Through our focus group research Orlando, you will get open and complete perspectives on your products and brands. A focus group research is an effective qualitative research method since it poses open-minded questions to participants. By giving open-minded responses, participants can convey their feelings and thoughts without reservations. 

Our Approach 

Within a focus group, we have a moderator who poses a series of well-chosen questions that enable us to gain insight into how the group views your products, brand, slogans, concepts, and symbols. The participants are carefully selected to ensure that they represent a relevant sample of your target market. A focus group offers insights that are consistent with those of your target market. Our moderators pose questions in a manner that doesn’t lead the group to give the desired responses. Instead, they encourage the participants to give honest and insightful responses. We don’t just choose participants; we ensure that the participants have a desire for active and honest participation. 

A focus group research allows consumers to share their feelings and express their clear ideas, which you cannot achieve with quantitative research methods. As topics and discussions flow within the group, group members can analyze each other’s comments. 

Throughout the discussion, the moderator closely observes the dynamics among group members. The moderator at times steps out to allow the group members to discuss without feeling self-conscious. Through this honest commentary, you can achieve great ideas and nuggets which you can use to refine your marketing strategy. 

Unrivaled Depth and Effectiveness

There is a reason why focus groups are among the first things that come to your mind when you hear about market research. When investigating the most pressing product and brand questions, focus group research offers businesses unrivaled depth and effectiveness. It allows you to understand how consumers perceive your products, helping you identify the best pathway to optimization. Products Insight will help you recruit a sample group and pair you with a professional moderator. 

What to Expect

What should you expect from a focus group research? 

  • In-depth knowledge of how consumers use your product after purchase; you might be surprised to learn that you have been missing out on obvious opportunities. 
  • You will see your brand from the consumer’s perspective 
  • You will uncover the source of any brand animosity 
  • You will be able to anticipate how different consumer segments will receive your new products 

At Products Insights, we custom-build our research methods and programs in consultation with our client, combining all the research methodologies you need. 

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What Our Clients Say About Us

“Product Insights is one of the top focus group facilities. The personnel pay attention to your every
need as professionally as anyone I have seen. I have been particularly impressed with the recruiting.
I would recommend this facility without reservation.”


“Our team and executive leadership have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work
guidance. The insights gathered during our multiple taste testings and in-home tests helped our
team make critical product development, marketing and overall strategy decisions. I highly


“My experience was exceptional. I felt that all project objectives were met and exceeded my
expectations. The summaries were very thorough and well-written. I felt a true sense of partnership
and PI went above and beyond to meet my project needs.”