How To Run Market Research

You understand how fantastic your product is and how it can benefit others. However, how well do you know the people you’re attempting to reach with your offer? Taking time to understand your target audience is essential for the success of your marketing efforts and the overall health of your business. Other than understanding the basic demographic information, you need to know your target audience to understand how your products address their pain points.  You’ll also need to understand your competition, including how you can differentiate yourself from them. Product Insights provide professional market research services to help you understand the market and package your products accordingly.

Market Research is a Secret Weapon

Market research helps you get the information you need to run profitable and effective advertising campaigns. You can collect data about your target audience, competition, and the market in which you operate using a systematic approach. You’ll be able to answer crucial questions like:

  • What is the current state of your market?
  • What advertising strategies does your competition employ?
  • What are their prices and promotions?
  • What keeps your target audience awake at night?
  • What methods do they prefer to consume content?
  • Market research will assist you in determining everything from your unique selling techniques to messaging and which media platforms to use to communicate with your target audience.

Running Market Research

Below is the process we follow when conducting market research:

  • Identifying the Target Audience

Whom specifically are you attempting to contact? Whom do you intend to benefit from your products or services? Whom do your products appeal to, and how do they communicate with each other?  Do they prefer social media, email, or print media? During this step, we identify the following information regarding your target audience: location, age, gender, family size, income, job title, education, interests, preferred communication channels, and biggest challenges and goals.

  • Understanding your Competition

Competitor research is also a crucial component of market research since it helps you to understand the market. You’ll be able to learn about your competitors, what they’re offering, how they’re offering it, and at what cost. Investigate your competitors’ distinctive selling points, including why they may attract your target audience.

  • Connect with your Target Audience

This step requires you to contact your existing customers in order to find out exactly what they value about your service or product. Do your products have a positive impact on their lives?  You could conduct a survey or organize focus groups. You can outsource this phase to a research company for the best results.

  • Compiling Data

This involves combining and analyzing data from both primary and secondary sources. Data analysis helps you to uncover valuable truths regarding your products, competitors, and the market.

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Preferably, you should conduct market research prior to creating your content. This applies to both ad messaging and website content. However, it is never too late to begin conducting market research. Also, as your brand develops and there are changes in the market, you will want to conduct market research on a regular basis. This will help you stay focused on the target demographic and present offers they’ll respond to. Kindly call us if you require assistance with market research. At Product Insights, we are always happy to help businesses understand their market. 

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