A mock jury is a panel of individuals formed to hear a legal argument and offer their opinions in a “trial” with no legal consequences. In legal research and education, mock juries are used to simulate a courtroom situation without using the real legal system. The trial can take on several levels of realism, from being handled formally in a classroom with a student serving as the judge to being held in a courtroom with a real judge. How do you select the best mock juries in Orange County? Here is the process that is involved. 

The ideal candidate

The first step in the selection of mock juries in Orange County is being clear on the type of jurors you want. The right juror must be representative of the type of jurors you expect to encounter at trial. To identify potential candidates, you may have to work with jury consultants. Obtaining past jury lists from the court will also make your work easier, finding the right jurors for your mock trial. Courts have a list of jurors who have been invited to jury duty and afterward dismissed and those that have served as jurors. You can select jurors from this list without the risk of tainting a jury pool because the jurors on these lists will not be called again in the near future. 

Contacting jurors 

After compiling a list of potential jurors, you need to contact them using mass mailing. The size of your mass mailing will depend on the desired number of participants. With moderate compensation, you can expect a showup rate of about 25%. The letter you send to jurors should state the time and date of the exercise. Evening sessions get the most show up since most people are free then. A compensation of about $100 plus a meal is often enough incentive to compel mock jurors to show up. 

Prescreening respondents 

When potential candidates call, you need to screen them by asking them the right questions. You have to ask about their age, gender, and race. You should assemble enough commitments so that last-minute cancellations and no-shows will not inconvenience you. For major cases, you can establish two contrasting mock juries so that you get different opinions, find out if the themes are consistent, and test different arguments. 

As you can see, the process of selecting mock juries in Orange County can be quite involving. The good thing is you don’t have to do it all by yourself. There are firms whose primary job is to recruit mock juries on behalf of companies. 

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