Insight market research provides the best results for every business. The qualitative and quantitative processes are better when you need to recognize the future and current data needs to make the best decisions.

For the research market to succeed, you need to know the correct techniques and when to apply them. For instance, surveys should only be used when there is a need to prove assumptions or informal data. Focus groups can give insight into broader trends, but only when participants are participating without the influence of other people. Ethnographies are better during the early stages of research – they are not productive during the final stages. Interviews are ideal for business areas that you want to explore rather than those that need concrete data.

How to avoid market research inaccuracies

Market research or consumer insights can be inaccurate when the wrong method is applied. You must identify your needs then come up with a question you want to answer before choosing a research technique. In cases where you do not know the consumer, use a methodology that involves the provision of product prototypes. If you do not understand the audience, do not use surveys or interviews because you might ask the wrong questions.

Failure to understand and outline the limitations of the project can also lead to inaccuracies. For instance, if you are poor at phrasing questions, creating survey questions will not work. The same can happen if you do not understand issues affecting the targeted demographic. Most studies also become inaccurate when researchers or moderators cannot accept that individual interviews only present potential market trends. Ensure you do follow-up studies to avoid using flawed data.

You can only know the best research methodology to apply when you comprehend the extent of the customer intelligence process you are on. Such cognizance also allows you to outline and control expectations. That is critical when you are considering the benefits that the market study method can deliver.

Insights research

Proper analysis of the data after collection is also crucial. It helps in predicting how the targeted demographic might respond to the decisions. Through insights research, you can confidently make the most suitable verdict in accordance with the brand and business vision. With conclusions based purely on data and not guesswork, you can confidently move forward knowing you will meet the client’s needs. The process enables the successful launch of the project. It answers questions regarding customer satisfaction, product design, new services, and customer perceptions.


Insights and market research tend to go hand in hand. By collecting data and interpreting it correctly, you can maintain a competitive edge in the business sector and become more profitable. If you need an agency to help you carry out all the market research processes, look no further than Product Insights. We are the best in the region because we always start by determining everything your business needs before delivering it. Our researchers are committed to excellence and will not produce unusable data. Reach us today for more information.