Product Insights is known for seeking out and embracing the latest technologies, and we are proud to offer High Definition video recording and live streaming to our clients.

Live streaming is more popular than ever – and with good reason! Our cameras can capture your focus groups and research interviews live and deliver them to wherever you or your team members may be. The media content can be viewed in real-time (live) or on-demand at a later time to ensure that your team has the opportunity to participate in the research, wherever they may be.

Product Insights’ latest, state of the art, HD live streaming option provides live online transmission of focus groups, interviews, taste tests and consumer interactions from our facility to observers world wide. With the high cost of travel, this option provides an affordable solution for your team to observe and interact with their consumers from their office, home or anywhere they may be – right from their laptop!

Video streaming has become an integral part of market research. Let Product Insights Streaming capture and transmit your important project to team members all over the world! Contact us today to learn more!