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If you are interested in participating in product research studies and sharing your opinions, we invite you to join our database. We are always looking for consumers like you to take part in our paid focus groups, interviews, product home-use trials, on-line surveys, and other forms of consumer research.

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You join our database, by clicking here and filling out our initial survey. The information you provide helps us find you when we’re looking for participants to take part in a study.

Our clients contact us about a study they’d like us to facilitate. They generally ask us to target a certain demographic, or kind of person.

We send you an email whenever we have a study we think you’d be a good fit for.

If you choose to participate, and we select you to do so, you are compensated for your time and participation. The amount of compensation will vary with each different opportunity.

And that’s it! Easy. We respect the consumers who sign up to participate, and will always value your time, opinions, and privacy. We will never attempt to sell you anything, nor will we ever sell your information. We invite you to view our Privacy Policy, or contact us if you have any questions about what we do with your information.

What Our Panelists Say About Us

Great company! You can get quick jobs and description is accurate. Also the pay is always correct and on time.”

Pam O.

I attended a focus group today for the first time regarding The Villages. It was really well put together and thought out. The questions were spot on and the delivery back was well controlled and directed towards the questions. This is a great company regarding market research.

Terry S.

The Villages’ focus group was the second or third time I’ve had the pleasure of being part of a Product Insights study. As with previous groups, this one was led by a skillful professional moderator who kept the discussion on point while drawing out responses from even the most shy participants. It was interesting and FUN. The lovely check at the end was a bonus!

Carol F.

I absolutely love PI! They have super fun and interesting studies. Some of the topics I’ve assisted on are healthy & beauty products, water bottles, smoothie blenders, pest control. As you can see, they range in topics so you’re never bored. Plus they pay well! Who doesn’t want to get paid to share their feedback on products they’ve tried? You help the companies who hire PI and they reward you. It’s a Win – Win!

Edith J.

They are a legitimate group that pays people to test and evaluate different products. I have done it several times. It is a fun way to make a few extra dollars.

Richard S.

This company presents an awesome opportunity to test out new products and try out the next big thing, all while making some money on the side. What’s more, though, is the staff make it clear that relationships with testers are valuable; they are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. There aren’t many companies that I would put my trust in but this is one of them. Sandy, the company’s owner is inventive, interesting, and caring. They put a lot of effort into making each study or survey safe, simple to complete, and fun!

Livy S.

I’ve been using Product Insights for years. I’ve always had a great experience with them. The staff has always been friendly and they always give clear directions with their studies.

Grace F.

I have been going to Product Insights for over a year. The product testing is fun and educational. The instructional emails they send are easy to understand. And all the employees are very kind and thoughtful.

Julie T.

Product Insights inc., is a reputable company. I have been doing product studies and surveys with them for a couple of years and have earned hundreds of dollars. The studies are generally simple and not very time consuming. They’ll send me an email and I respond to see if I am a ‘fit’ for the current study and if so they contact you to enroll. Easy!!! ( and profitable!)

Melanie D.

I enjoy working with Product Insights, inc. more than any other survey company. This company gives you opportunities to test certain products and doesn’t require a lot of runaround in order to participate. It straight to the point and they communicate very well when questions arise.

Aileen C.

Great Team. We appreciate your professionalism and organization when we come in for projects.

Reece G.

This company is very professional. I recently was pick to test a game and I had so much fun.

Brandon C.