Market Research Facilities Orlando

Today’s leading-edge market research facilities speak of the importance and the excitement of the marketing research work. The overall design of a research facility has a significant impact on productivity, morale, and the retention of the market research group participants. This is why you should choose a market research facility with an environment that speaks volumes about the overall perceived value of the research work and the people who participate in such programs.

Beyond being functional in relation to hosting a research focus group, the facility must also be welcoming, easy-to-navigate, technology-friendly, inspiring, quiet, and comfortable. It should also promote collaboration and ensure excellence in various market research group discussions. Remember, a receptive and non-threatening environment could encourage the research participants (market research group) to participate in discussions freely.

Our research facilities in Orlando combine efficiency and comfort with high-end communication technologies. This facility is built from the ground up to serve the unique needs of market research projects, various focus group events and to provide one-of-a-kind experiences. It is designed to provide a positive environment for successful market research activities, whether it is the initial meeting with focus group members or collaboration with experts to analyze research data. 

Our market research facilities have high-end conference rooms that offer critical support for both formal and informal meetings. These areas are designed to offer the focus group members, discussion moderators, and other people involved in research discussions a quiet, non-threatening environment for effective communication and collaboration.

Our facilities incorporate appropriate technology, multiple levels of lighting and sound control to maintain privacy during focus group discussions. They also have high-quality furniture for multiple configurations and other accessories needed to accommodate lengthy discussions and meetings. No matter your market research objectives or the size of your focus group, you can rely on our research facilities. 

Break rooms and lounges are essential amenities in any market research facility. Our research facilities in Orlando have sufficient break rooms and lounges. These areas are designed to offer relief from work. They are strategically positioned to allow cross-traffic from various conference rooms, particularly if there are other research activities happening in the facility. 

Depending on the number of your focus group members, we can provide a facility that can seat a group of ten, 12, or more respondents around a flexible table system. We can also help set up the conference room in a classroom style, which means the same space can accommodate more respondents. This system allows for multiple table configurations to meet your needs. 

Whenever you need fully equipped market research facilities in Orlando, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Product Insights is one of the top focus group facilities. The personnel pay attention to your every
need as professionally as anyone I have seen. I have been particularly impressed with the recruiting.
I would recommend this facility without reservation.”


“Our team and executive leadership have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work
guidance. The insights gathered during our multiple taste testings and in-home tests helped our
team make critical product development, marketing and overall strategy decisions. I highly


“My experience was exceptional. I felt that all project objectives were met and exceeded my
expectations. The summaries were very thorough and well-written. I felt a true sense of partnership
and PI went above and beyond to meet my project needs.”