Market Research Facility – Features to Lookout for

Different types of market research methods exist for various businesses and preferences. They include primary, secondary, quantitative, and qualitative research processes. For those dealing with qualitative research, market research facilities are essential. They provide a suitable environment for the focus groups to meet for the interviews. Choosing the best one that can accommodate your market research needs is crucial. Below are some features that should be present in any good facility.


Market research facilities allow the separation of the researchers and the focus groups, ensuring the participants feel comfortable. In addition, they are better off in a place with adequate lighting. Most participants feel relaxed when they are not in the same room with the researchers or clients. Dimming lights during a discussion makes them feel safer and allows them to be more candid. 

The lighting does not interfere with the study. Researchers can remain discreet as they watch the progress from another room. The research moderator can share the findings with the client when the discussion is over.

Dimmable lights increase convenience, allowing the use of the same room by clients, focus groups, and moderators or researchers without any of them feeling uncomfortable.


Tiered seating works best in a research facility, but any seating arrangement can do so long as the chairs are comfortable. Discussions held in those facilities can be long, making the quality of seats a crucial aspect. Flexible cushioned chairs will give maximum comfort and allow participants to remain attentive during the session.

Food and drinks

Focus group research usually lasts longer than other research methods. Therefore, a good facility will provide snacks or food for the participants or avail essential appliances like coffee makers or refrigerators in a dedicated area. They give participants a more fulfilling experience, especially those who travel a long distance to attend the sessions.  


Although clients cannot be in the same room as the research respondents, the facility should enhance communication by having a quality sound system. Clients should hear and comprehend the ongoing discussion while maintaining the ability to have conversations in the observation rooms. That means having speakers with adjustable volumes. The facility can also install other audio devices to substitute the speakers if they fail.


Different focus groups have a varying number of people. As such, a good facility should allow various room configurations to accommodate the number of participants present. For instance, a facility that can comfortably seat 12 to 14 people should also accommodate 6 to 8 participants. There should also be room for one-on-one interviews.

What to expect

Product Insights has a market research facility that has all the above features and more. We have all the comfortable amenities and can create the right ambiance for different people in focus groups. For instance, there is an efficient kitchen for snacks and drinks and cozy seats to ensure you feel at home whenever you use the facility. Located strategically in a quiet and serene neighborhood, this facility is the perfect solution for clients searching for comprehensive market research results.