Market Research In The Villages

Our services in market research in The Villages are tailored to help you locate growth opportunities and develop a competitive strategy based on a complete understanding of your target market. We always adopt a strong, thorough market research strategy to ensure optimum research coverage.

Why Market Research in The Villages

If the community you are targeting is one with senior adults that are living life to the fullest, The Villages, Florida, is where you want to conduct your research. The median age in The Villages, Florida, is 71.1 years, and the region has a population of 132,420. There is no better place to get the input of senior respondents than The Villages. We offer the best help when it comes to market research. Product Insights has a robust recruiting presence in The Villages, and we can find any senior citizens you want.

What We Offer

Market Intelligence

Primary research and data analytics are used to examine the shifting market trends. This helps keep firms informed about the achievements and tactics of rivals, which aid in the creation and forecasting of corporate policies. We are able to evaluate your market potential using sophisticated data analytics and data visualization tools.

Our market intelligence helps businesses like yours develop a customer-centric mindset, comprehend market demands and customer perceptions, gather timely relevant data, enhance upselling opportunities, lower risks, expand market share, and get a competitive edge.

Business Strategy

Product Insights specializes in developing competitive strategies to meet organizational objectives, enhance customer satisfaction, draw in new clients, and boost corporate performance. By developing a multi-channel marketing plan based on constant market assessment with a main focus on costs and differentiating products and services to promote business excellence, our consultants are able to discover target markets.

Business is neither the same as it was nor will it be in the future. This is why we develop company strategies that are adjustable, agile, and based on the most recent data.

What Makes Us Unique?

We offer expert help from the respondent recruiting stage to the reporting stage. We also handle every step of your project, including planning, overseeing, and reporting on the outcomes. We will help you locate your target market, no matter how specialized. In order to give you access to the right panel of respondents for any segmentation, quotas, and splits you require, we collaborate with the best sample providers in the business.

As an established market research agency, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations. First, we will recruit for your project in the same way we would recruit for our own project. We know getting the wrong respondents will yield poor results. That is why we take extra time to make sure we recruit the right participants.

Secondly, unlike most agencies, you will only pay for what is delivered and not what was promised. While we have a 95+% show rate, we will not charge you if respondents fail to show up.

Product Insights is made up of problem-solving professionals. We are committed to taking your business to the next level. Get in touch with us to find out more about our services.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Product Insights is one of the top focus group facilities. The personnel pay attention to your every
need as professionally as anyone I have seen. I have been particularly impressed with the recruiting.
I would recommend this facility without reservation.”


“Our team and executive leadership have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work
guidance. The insights gathered during our multiple taste testings and in-home tests helped our
team make critical product development, marketing and overall strategy decisions. I highly


“My experience was exceptional. I felt that all project objectives were met and exceeded my
expectations. The summaries were very thorough and well-written. I felt a true sense of partnership
and PI went above and beyond to meet my project needs.”