Market Research Services Florida

Would you like to know why your target consumers are not purchasing your products or services? Do you plan to launch a new service, product, or marketing strategy, but you are unsure what your target audience wants? To answer these seemingly complicated questions, you need to collect relevant information from consumers, analyze it, and eventually get correct answers based on actual data. This can be achieved through carefully planned and executed market research.

Whether you intend to re-brand, develop a new product, or simply want to learn more about your target audience, you can rely on our market research services in Florida. Our research facilities offer a full range of both on-site, online, and off-site market research methods. Some of these methods include simple approaches like focus groups. At the same time, there are more sophisticated research approaches such as ethnographies, in-depth individual interviews, behavioral studies, home-use tests, and more.

Indeed, we are one of the leading market research service providers in Florida, specializing in market intelligence for business development and marketing decision-making. Our firm provides quality research reports and consulting services to various companies across different industries. Our mission is to help our clients with data collection as well as information analysis so that they can find answers to their specific questions through our syndicated and customized research reports.

These solutions help businesses identify customer preferences by analyzing statistical data collected from industry experts, trade groups, distributors, and retailers. The final research report will cover all aspects related to your product, such as demand forecast, supply chain analysis, cost structure analysis, and more, which would be beneficial for a company’s growth strategy.

Also, we have an expert team of analysts who analyze these large amounts of qualitative and quantitative raw data into actionable insights. This helps us create an array of research options such as:

  • Customized market research studies
  • Business evaluation based on intrinsic value
  • Competitive landscaping – mergers & acquisitions in the market
  • Company profiling using detailed secondary research

All these solutions answer not only key questions over current trends but also ensure future-ready perspectives when it comes to technology, economic conditions, or changes in consumer needs. Indeed, this is the information your business may need to gain insights that could place you on an upward growth trajectory.

Our extensive list of satisfied customers spans multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food & beverages. Some of the major end-users of these research reports include investors, suppliers, consultants, and other stakeholders looking for credible information at affordable prices. With over five years’ experience in this domain, we aim to simplify complex technologies and markets and make them more accessible and relevant to our audience.

Keep in mind that Product Insights has a team of professional researchers with many years of experience in nearly all facets of the entire R&D development process. We implement a carefully designed and well-thought-out research process to ensure our clients get the market research services they expect and achieve all their research objectives. 

If you are in need of market research services in Florida, request a bid today.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Product Insights is one of the top focus group facilities. The personnel pay attention to your every
need as professionally as anyone I have seen. I have been particularly impressed with the recruiting.
I would recommend this facility without reservation.”


“Our team and executive leadership have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work
guidance. The insights gathered during our multiple taste testings and in-home tests helped our
team make critical product development, marketing and overall strategy decisions. I highly


“My experience was exceptional. I felt that all project objectives were met and exceeded my
expectations. The summaries were very thorough and well-written. I felt a true sense of partnership
and PI went above and beyond to meet my project needs.”