Mock Juries Lake County

A mock jury is like a trial without legal ramifications. A group of people gather at the venue and listen to the case presentations from the plaintiff and defense as they weigh the evidence tabled. They then deliberate on the facts and present a verdict, showing you the likely outcome in the actual trial. Although you can handle the process yourself, you stand to get the best results when you involve a moderator and a research team to assist.

High-Class Facility

Product Insights remains one of the top Lake County market research facilities with a seasoned team and years of experience. Our unrivaled recruitment process is one of our biggest strengths, laying the foundation for our service provision and helping us maintain courteous and proactive customer-centric service delivery.

We understand the importance of mock trials, thus the high-class facility, extensive training, and high level of expertise in our team. We are also conversant with both in-person and virtual mock proceedings. We can record the proceedings for later analysis and create a conducive atmosphere for direct and cross-examinations. Our goal is to help you review the strengths and weaknesses in your presentations to boost your chances of getting a favorable verdict from the actual trial.

Our facility is not for practicing lawyers only – even students who need experience or a place to practice their opening and closing arguments are also welcome. We provide the environment you need to gain practical experience by trying cases in a more realistic setting. Our recordings can come in handy later as the students and teachers review the presentations.

The Process

Our mock juries follow the same procedure as actual trials, starting with the jury selection and finishing with closing arguments. We use questionnaires to gather relevant information about interested jurors and submit them to you for review. You can excuse anyone you think would be subject to a challenge for cause, though we also do that during our thorough screening process.

The trial can begin once you approve of the jurors, with the opening statements laying the foundation for the jury to form an opinion about the case. Remember, the goal is to test theories, witnesses, and evidence. That is why we recommend using demonstrative aides to improve juror retention levels. Avoiding case presentations in summary form is also advisable if you want to maintain the flow of a trial. We prefer a traditional, direct, cross, and redirect approach that scrutinizes witnesses and keeps the dynamics of an actual court trial. We never sacrifice accuracy for simplicity when giving jury instructions. We also avoid speculative instructions.

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We can assist in conducting an effective and productive mock trial whenever you are ready. Our services include an in-depth analysis and report after the mock jury, but we can customize them according to your wishes. We know where to find and recruit mock jurors, can work with any number, and interpret the results correctly. We are the go-to company for everything research-related. Our passion and know-how ensure we do not disappoint our clients.

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