Mock Juries Orange County

Similarities exist between mock juries and market research focus groups, especially now that mock juries do not have to be in person. Virtual options make such research activities easier to handle, but they still require a high level of expertise that you can only get from experienced research companies. Like focus groups, mock juries in Orange County involve discussion group researches that enable evaluation of jurors’ reactions to case arguments and possible evidence before the court trial. You can:

  • Note constructive case arguments during the presentations as you identify the weak and strong areas from the opposing side.
  • Establish how and why jurors reach the verdict.
  • Identify liability issues as you highlight areas that need improvement in the case.
  • Test jury decisions as you try other elements like testimonies, claims, and props.

Juror Selection

We ensure the jurors are from the local communities to represent those likely to go to trial. We also confirm all the requirements, like the validity of the driver’s license. We do a thorough screening to guarantee the disassociation of the jurors from media outlets, the judiciary, and other legal entities.

We understand the importance of having an ordinary jury panel. That is why we do not undermine the possibility of recruiting from consumer panels who participate in regular market research, especially those willing to participate in research projects online and offline. We assure comprehensive screening whether we source online or physically.

Please note that we do not preselect the jurors according to your presumptions on who might appear more or least favorable to the opposing team. We recommend you refrain from the same because such biases can cause misrepresentation. The goal is to determine raw reactions to the case presentations.

Juror Recruitment

We try to recruit more mock juries in Orange County to ascertain that the correct number shows up. Our goal is always to recruit 12 people, allowing us to get at least 8 to 10 on the trial date. That does not limit our ability to handle any number of jurors – we can work with small and large teams, guaranteeing quality results from reliable predictions. We do not extend the sessions to avoid fatigue. We modify the timelines depending on whether it is an in-person or online discussion.

Moderation and Observation

Although jury moderation is not always necessary or mandatory, it is one of the best ways to get more information. Leaving the group to discuss without intervention is possible, but it may not produce the best outcome because the jurors may delay choosing a leader. Sometimes the leader may not have experience guiding such discussions, leading to unreliable results.

Hiring us for mock juries in Orange County allows you to explore several options, such as conducting the trial live, using our pre-recorded sessions, or using our high-class facility as our experts handle the process. Whatever you choose, our esteemed team will be available to help you prepare effectively.

Do not underestimate or overlook the role of a trial jury. Your opponents are most likely using the same to strengthen their case. We are a diligent, experienced, and knowledgeable team ready to assist. 

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