Paid Market Research Studies Orlando 

Product Insights is an agency that strives to provide unmatched market research services in the industry. With our expertise, customized approach, highly performing panelists, integrity, and the finest facilities, nothing can stop us from meeting your goals. Whether you need to grow the consumer segments, increase benefits, or provide better products or services to your customers, our dedicated and accomplished team will help you achieve it. We apply different research techniques to various studies regardless of the level of complexity.

Our paid research techniques

Once we have the right panel for your paid research, we use the most proper research according to your business type. We never limit ourselves to a single method – we combine several approaches to match your goals.

Ethnographies: Ethnography is the most powerful technique because it brings a unique element into the research process. It involves observation of the participants in their regular routines. It entails following the respondents as they handle daily tasks. We may also ask them to document the activities for better analysis. We take time and never rush through such processes. We can go beyond the three minimum observation rules to get you in-depth data. Our team also understands the importance of maintaining consistency during the activity – it shows us clear patterns in how respondents act.

Focus groups: Most paid market studies use focus groups because they provide a more interactive setting. We ensure we select participants that fit the profile and use multiple groups for each project. We try to guide the discussion by creating a natural interaction between the moderators and participants and promoting dynamic conversations. We also try to explore unexpected perspectives for better results.

Field trials: For clients that already have a prototype, field trials are the best options. Participants get to try out the products then give feedback through surveys, ethnographies, interviews, or a combination with two other research options. For instance, we may ask respondents questions before they use the product, observe as they use it, and ask them to take a survey afterward for a more comprehensive report.

Interviews: Interviews are perfect for qualitative data because they are the most insightful method. We conduct one-on-one interviews with the selected individuals after developing the discussion guides that match your vision. We use the same questions on all interviewees and identify the patterns in preferences, perspectives, and behavior.

Surveys: Surveys are the most common research type, especially in general population panels. We use them to test and understand various demographics, interests, and psychographics. Surveys also show us the extent of likeability of the products and services and the changes customers might prefer. We ask open-ended questions.

We are the best agency for paid market research studies in Orlando. We make it clear to our research panelists that we eliminate substandard responses and encourage them to take the studies seriously. We also try our best to make the data easily understandable to our clients. We apply various techniques such as flow models, affinity diagrams, and customer journey maps to demonstrate customers’ behavior as per the studies.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Product Insights is one of the top focus group facilities. The personnel pay attention to your every
need as professionally as anyone I have seen. I have been particularly impressed with the recruiting.
I would recommend this facility without reservation.”


“Our team and executive leadership have been incredibly impressed with the quality of work
guidance. The insights gathered during our multiple taste testings and in-home tests helped our
team make critical product development, marketing and overall strategy decisions. I highly


“My experience was exceptional. I felt that all project objectives were met and exceeded my
expectations. The summaries were very thorough and well-written. I felt a true sense of partnership
and PI went above and beyond to meet my project needs.”