Privacy Policy


Product Insights, Inc. knows how important your privacy is, and we are committed to protecting any information you provide us with. Our core values are based on honesty, integrity, and doing what’s right. That’s why respecting the information you provide us with is so important to us.
Product Insights, Inc. is a products research company. As such, we are hired by a variety of companies interested in what you, their consumers, think about their current products and services, as well as new ideas. Each study is different, designed to answer different research questions. To be clear, you will never be required to purchase anything, and in many cases, you may be offered some compensation for taking your time to participate in our studies.

Why do you need information about me?
If you would like to become a part of our database and possibly participate in future research studies, we need to collect basic information such as your name, address, telephone number, and email as a means of contacting you about upcoming research studies.

Often, to balance research and make sure it is representative and sampling among the groups of consumers our clients would like to learn more about, we may collect demographic information such as age or gender, working status, ages of others in your household, and other information relevant such as product usage and preferences.
Of course, providing any of this information is completely voluntary. However, choosing not to provide it may limit the number and types of studies you could qualify for
based upon our clients’ requirements.
What do you do with the personal information you collect about me and my household?
Every possible measure that we’re aware of is taken to protect the information you provide to us.

This information is used primarily as a means of selecting consumers who would like to participate in future research studies. As a rule, your contact information is not shared with our clients. However, other information you have volunteered about your household and preferences, along with any information you’ve provided while participating in any research study, may be shared with our clients who are requesting the research.

Product Insights, Inc. will not compromise the trust of our participants by sharing personal information inappropriately.

How did you select me for the interview?
We have either been supplied your name by our client, or you have been randomly selected from our database among consumers who fit certain criteria provided to us by our client. Once you are active in our database, you may be asked to participate in a survey shortly after registering with us, or may not be contacted for quite some time, depending on the criteria given to us by our clients and how your responses match with those criteria.

How did you get my name, address, phone number, or email?
In most cases, Product Insights, Inc. builds its database of interested participants when consumers contact us through internet inquiries, as a result of our advertisements, and “word of mouth” endorsements. On occasion, Product Insights, Inc. will contact individuals by mail, email, or phone by information gathered through
public records.

What if I don’t want to be in Product Insights, Inc. database?
Our participants always have the option to ask that their information be removed from our database. Participants who would like to “opt-out” of participating in our studies and remove their information can contact Sandy Clear at, call 407-774-6165, or contact us at our website and we would be more than happy to honor your request as soon as possible.

Can my child be eligible to participate in research?
Product Insights, Inc. takes care to protect information provided by children, and respects a parent’s right to control all personal data involving his or her dependent children. In most cases, children who participate in any study conducted by Product Insights, Inc. at the request of our clients are not identified beyond their age and possibly their gender.

On occasion, Product Insights, Inc. may gather personal information from or about children strictly for the purpose of product development. We believe parents have the right to control personal information about their dependent children. We obtain permission from a child’s parent before collecting information from or about the child. We will collect only the minimal information required for the research study.
If a parent would like a child’s information removed from Product Insights, Inc.’s database, the parent can contact Sandy Clear at, call
407-774-6165, or contact us at our website and we will be more than happy to honor your request as soon as possible.

Do you share my information with anyone else?
It is our policy at Product Insights, Inc. to not sell, trade, or share your personal information for use by any business, other than our clients who are requesting the research, without your consent, unless required by law. We will not compromise the trust of our participants by sharing personal information without their permission.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints about our privacy policy, please contact Sandy Clear at (407) 774-6165 or