Product Insights will help you select the right tool to use in your research to answer your objectives. We offer:
Focus group providing answers

  • In-home cameras to record consumers interacting with your product. These cameras can be adhered to mirrors, affixed to stands, etc.
  • Use of consumer’s own cell phones to take video and still shots and upload them to Aha, email, Qualtrics, etc.
  • Traditional ethnographies where a team of researchers visit with a consumer in their home
  • Daily diaries (paper or electronic)
  • Adobe Connect (face to face interviews, online concept marking, etc.)
  • Online blogs
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Shop-a-longs, either in person or via SmartPhone (GoPro, recordings, etc.)
  • Online chats (offering anonymity for sensitive topics and building camaraderie for others)
  • Livestreaming (clients can mark recordings, ask questions, type in comments)
  • Sampling – throwing a question (or 3) out there and getting a foundation of how big/small an issue might be
  • One-on-ones (IDIs), mini focus groups, traditional focus groups
  • Conference style, classroom style, living room style
  • And much more!

Contact us today to discuss your research needs and let’s brainstorm possible tools together!