Whether you’re developing a new product, re-branding a current line, or looking to learn more about your current consumer, we can help. We’re a full-service facility with a background as a product development consultancy- meaning we’ve seen every facet of the market research industry. Our recruiting practices, expertise, and range of services have earned us Impulse Survey’s highest rating among Orlando agencies.

Here’s why:


Women talkingWe take recruiting very seriously. Nothing is worse than trying to explain poor data quality to a client, due to poor recruiting. We know that feeling, and that’s why we developed our personalized approach to recruiting. We treat you and your study the way we would want to be treated.

You only pay for what we deliver. We will never charge you for no-shows- unlike other agencies.  Getting your target respondents to your research on time and ready to participate is our job.  We have maintained an overall show rate of 95%+, because we care.

We recruit from four Florida counties, which offer us access to a wide range of demographics- read more about our demographics here.


A magnifying glass over the word "solutions"We have over 20 years of experience in the market research industry, and our clientele ranges from small businesses like us to Fortune 5 companies. We’ll personalize our approach to fit your needs, whatever they are.

We love complex studies. If you can dream it, we can do it. Segmentations? Easy. Low incidence consumers? If they exist, we’ll find them. Read about a few case studies here.

We are problem-solving pros.  Let’s face it – problems happen, especially with unique or complex research designs.  We’re pretty good at anticipating potential problems before they happen. But if they do happen, rest assured that we have the skills to solve them.


Colorful road signs with the 5 Ws and howWe offer a full range of on-site, off-site, and online research methods. From focus groups, to in-depth individual interviews, to home-use tests, to ethnographies, and more. Whatever your project needs, we can (and will!) execute it.

Stay in the comfort of your home while we work! We have state-of-the-art recording and web streaming technology. You don’t even need to leave your house to conduct your research.

We will customize our approach to fit your needs. We will: identify your target consumer, develop a screener, recruit participants, execute your research, and report your data- or any step in between.

Need a moderator? We can help with that, too! Our on-staff moderators have a combined 30+ years of experience in the field.

Or do you just need a facility, a place to call home for a day or two? Our pleasure! Check out our facility and let us know.

Product Insights can also partner with and conduct research in any city you desire. Contact us today to learn more about the Product Insights difference!