Focus groupWhen designing and conducting market research among consumers, teams have many study design options available to them. But have you ever considered the environment you are holding your conversations in? The setup of the room sets the tone for the conversations that occur within and lets participants know what to expect and how to act during the group.

Many traditional focus groups are set up in a conference style set-up. Ten to twelve chairs surround a table, with the moderator seated at the front. Smaller, mini-focus groups are often just a condensed version of this. We conduct that type of research here at Product Insights all the time. However, we also look for and offer many other options for our clients and research partners. We can set the stage for the type of feeling a researcher wants the room to evoke. We can design our focus group rooms to be a more comfortable “living room” type set up, with comfy chairs, ottomans, mood lighting. Want a spa-like setting? Focus Group Facility- Product InsightsWe can employ aromatherapy, introduce soft textiles such as blankets draped over chairs, and utilize candles to create a stress-free mood. Prefer a room that is more fun and energetic? The use of bright colors and exciting stimuli (think crayons, Play-Doh, Slinkys, beach balls, fun music) can set the stage for great creative ideation sessions. Studying a product designed for kids? Bean bags are a must!

At Product Insights, we work with you to make sure that you not only have the right consumers in your projects, but also that your research room design will help everyone to feel comfortable, welcomed, relaxed and excited to participate. Whatever your need – we can help you design the perfect room to create the consumer experience you desire! Contact us today to get started on your next project!