the_three_bears_-_project_gutenberg_etext_17034Many of us are familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. According to literary reviews, this children’s story makes extensive use of the rule of three, featuring three chairs, three bowls of porridge, three beds, and the three title characters who live in the house.

The story is made up of three sequential happenings – the bears discovering that
someone has been eating from their porridge bowls, sitting in each of their chairs, and finally, lying in each of their beds. These discoveries follow three earlier sequences of Goldilocks tasting from the three bowls of porridge, sitting on the three different chairs, and lying on each of the three beds successively, each time finding the third “just right”. Author Christopher Booker characterizes this as the “dialectical three”, where “the first is wrong in one way, the second in another or opposite way, and only the third, in the middle, is just right.”

At Product Insights, we aim to provide the best possible setting for your research project and have, in effect, created our own “rule of three” in facility offerings. We have a small, cozy viewable focus group room that is ideal for one-on-ones and closer, more intimate conversations. We also have a more traditional, larger focus group room that allows us to seat up to twelve respondents around a table or in a casual family room style seating arrangement. And we have a new room that’s right in the middle!

Our new focus group room and backroom:

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Our latest set of focus group rooms is right in the middle of these two. Designed to accommodate 5-6 respondents around a table or in a comfortable seating arrangement, this newest room allows us the flexibility to provide the type of setting that is just right for your project! Because, let’s face it, Goldilocks was onto something. For each and every situation, there will be one option that seems “just right”.

Contact us today to find out how we can best accommodate your next research project! Whatever your need, we’ll try to find the solution that is “just right” for you.

Here’s to the Goldilocks in all of us!