Market Research in The Villages, Florida

If you are looking for a community of active senior adults living life to its fullest, you are looking for The Villages, Florida. And if you want to conduct research at the Villages, you want our help! Product Insights has built a robust recruiting presence at the Villages, and we can find any senior citizens that you are looking for.


The fastest-growing metro area in the United States is The Villages, where the population has ballooned by nearly 38 percent since 2010, according to data by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Interesting Facts About the Villages:

    Median age: 71.1 years

    Population: estimated to be 132,420

    There are over 100 miles of golf cart paths!

    There are more than 100 tennis courts and pickleball courts!

    There are 10,000 tee times available each day.

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