Before they launch a product, most leading brands often seek feedback on their new products. The objective is to know what consumers think about a product before they spend more money getting it to the market. With consumer feedback, the brands are able to know how their products will fair and which areas they need to improve. This consumer feedback can help avoid losses and save a developer time. The best news is you can be among the people who get to try products before anyone else. You also stand to earn some money doing it. Here is how you can get started.

How does product testing work?

To be able to participate in product testing, you first need to sign up with a market research firm. Product Insights, Inc. is one of the best product testing firms in the United States. Once you complete the signup form, the market research firm will send you a screener email. The email has questions you have to answer in order to qualify for the ongoing product test job.

At the end of the screener survey, you will be notified if you are eligible for a current test job. For example, if a company needs people to test out new makeup, if you don’t use cosmetic products, you will not qualify. If you use cosmetic products, you may be eligible for the product testing job.

If you are approved to test a product, you will be asked to provide your address so that the product can be mailed to you for evaluation. In some cases, you may be requested to head to a pickup center where you can collect the product. The market research firm will follow up with you via email to get your feedback about the product. If it is a paid review, you will be paid after delivering your feedback.

How much can you earn?

The best thing about being a product tester is that, in most cases, you get to keep the product. However, there are times when a brand wants the product to be returned. If this is the case, you will be informed right away.

To encourage more people to become product testers, many brands or product & market research firms offer payment for the testing job. In addition to feeling good about having a voice and playing a part in helping with the creation of a product, you get to earn some money.  

The amount you get paid varies from one brand or product to the next. The amount you get paid depends on how in-depth the testing process is.

How to increase chances of being picked for product testing

In addition to using a good market research agency, you must fill out your profile honestly when signing up. With the right information on your profile, you will get proper product testing opportunities that fit your demographic. Moreover, it is good to note that the more products you test, the more money you will make. Get started today.