A mock jury is a discussion-group type of research that is commonly used by lawyers to evaluate the potential reactions of “jurors” to arguments and evidence before a case goes to trial. The jurors should be a representative of the type of jurors likely to be picked on the actual jury as much as possible. In Florida, they should meet such state requirements as having a driver’s license and being registered voters. So, why do you need a mock jury for your trial preparation?

Determining How your Story Resonates 

There is no guarantee that your story will resonate well with the jury, no matter how clearly you’ve stated the law and the facts of the case. A mock trial will help you evaluate your case theories and themes so you can present the case in a way that best appeals to the jury. Do not wait for the actual trial to be the first time your arguments are heard. Feedback from the mock jury will tell you if your case needs some tweaking. 

Practicing Trial Skills

As a lawyer, the way you present yourself has a great impact on your case – you have to sell yourself alongside your case. A mock trial lets you practice such important trial skills as examining and cross-examining witnesses, arguing motions, presenting evidence, and courtroom etiquette. A mock trial helps build your confidence and takes away the nerves. It teaches such essential trial skills as critical thinking, public speaking, and the art of forming a cohesive and persuasive argument.

Feedback from Mock Jurors on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Case

After the mock trial, you get the opportunity to discuss the trial with the jurors. The feedback you receive will be valuable in case preparation. They will tell you the party they believe and the reasons for this, the evidence they find most relevant, and how they understand the case. 

If you find your case is weak from this feedback, you can then find a soft exit, such as going for an out-of-court settlement. Note that no matter how prepared you are, there is always a chance that your opponent may have a better case than you. Knowing when to settle and when to go to trial is an invaluable skill. It allows you to provide a better service for your client, and it gives a more satisfactory result. Since the law industry is dependent on the returns clients get, a mock trial is an important component of a reliable business model.

The Client Can Participate

Does your client constantly second guess you or overly fear the outcome of a trial? A mock trial allows clients to see what to expect from the actual trial. An overly confident client may agree to settle if they see for themself the case is weak, and a reluctant one may be convinced to forge forward with trial if they see the case is strong.

Getting mock jurors is not easy – you need a professional team to assist in this. At Product Insights, we take the work of mock jury selection very seriously, which explains our show rate of 95%+. We will not charge you for mock jurors who do not turn up. We get mock jurors from all counties in Florida to further increase your chances of getting jurors across the different demographics.

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